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SearchReplaceBin v.1.0 (2016.02.19)

A utility for searching and replacing data in binary files from the command line.
SearchReplaceBin /S=search_file /R=replace_file /I=in_file /O=out_file
/Y - allow overwrite out_file
/R и /O - optional parameter (only search and set errorlevel)
search_file, replace_file - hex-ascii format, '00'...'FF', or '??'
%errorlevel% == 0 = OK, search and replaced
%errorlevel% == 1 = pattern not found
%errorlevel% == 2 = fatal error

It's all been made for use in the CMD-scripts (example). .

History of development program:
v. (2016.02.19)First public version.
v. (2014.01.07)Beta.