AMcfg – editor for AstroMeta TV/FM tuner software

Tweaker/Editor of station list for standard software (TVRplayer) AstroMeta tuners.
TVRplayer v4.7.9 for AstroMeta V2 does not allow to add new stations to the FM (only full rescan entire range) and it does not allow to find the station in the band 64-74MHz. AMcfg solves all these problems – stations can be added, sort, rename.
With some video drivers / video cards in analog TV mode – TVRplayer displays a picture with low detail and squares. To solve this problem in AMcfg there are settings of the renderer used – by default for TVRplayer VMR7, you can select the VMR9 mode and the analog picture becomes normal.
For DVB mode – stations can only rename and sort.
For analog mode TV – stations can only rename.
In addition, you can manually switch DVB-C/T/T2 reception modes and PLP numbers for use in software that does not support the features of this tuner (Astrometa has a non-standard BDA driver – it does not implement standard mode switching and does not implement PLP selection, so BDA-soft either needs to know this model of the tuner and its non-standard API or modes can be switched using AMcfg manually).

AstroMeta Tuners for which it is made:
AstroMeta VID_15F4&PID_0131 AstroMeta VID_15F4&PID_0135
Model AstroMeta V1
Model AstroMeta V2
DVB-T/T2/C + FM + AnalogTV + AV

AMcfg was written primarily for AstroMeta V2 (VID_15F4&PID_0135), but by reviews working with AstroMeta V1 (VID_15F4&PID_0131).
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forum iXBT,
forum MySKU,
Official site AstroMeta.

Screenshot AMcfg - Detect modelsScreenshot AMcfg - Editor FM-channels listScreenshot AMcfg - Editor analog TV channels listScreenshot AMcfg - Editor DVB-channels listScreenshot AMcfg - Manual control BDA-driver for third-party programsScreenshot AMcfg - Tweaker

History of development program:
v. (2017.07.19) support TVRplayer 4.7.9, tweaks for renderer modes (for analog), minor bugfix;
v. (2017.05.01) compiled without the support of SSE2 (otherwise on the Pentium-III did not work);
v. (2017.04.19) minur fix GUI, minor fix channel list editor;
v. (2016.08.20) minur fix GUI, added switching modes BDA for third-party DVB-software;
v. (2016.06.20) first public version;

Download “AMcfg_20170719.rar” – 116.13 KBVersion, 2017-07-19 16:27