Beep.exe, Sleep.exe, IsLock.exe, IsIdle.exe, SetVPN.exe – simple utilities for commandline

Beep.exe (2016.02.18)

Makes sound speaker system for a given frequency and duration. The parameters are set at the command prompt (beep /? – Help). Intended for use in bat / cmd-file WinNT/2000/XP/2003. In 64-bit version of Windows – not working (or rather, the sound of squeaking out there not on the speaker and the sound card).

Download “CMD_Beep.rar” – 3.25 KBVersion 1.1, 2016-02-18 17:09

Sleep.exe (2016.02.18)

Giving the system a specified number of microseconds (sleep /? – Help). Designed for use in cycles cmd-files (to Windows does not slow during this cycle).

Download “CMD_Sleep.rar” – 2.71 KBVersion 1.1, 2016-02-18 17:12

MonOff.exe (2016.02.27)

Switch off (hibernation) monitor. MonOff /? – Help.

Download “CMD_MonOff.rar” – 2.97 KBVersion 1.1, 2016-02-27 23:18

IsLock.exe (2016.02.18)

Checks are not blocked workstation (Win + L), and returns the check result in ERRORLEVEL. This can be useful when writing a CMD / BAT-file to any action performed (or not implemented) only if the system is locked. Example of use:

ECHO System is access
ECHO System is locked

Download “CMD_IsLock.rar” – 2.97 KBVersion 1.1, 2016-02-18 17:14

SetVPN.exe (2022.03.01)

This program from the command line creates a VPN connection in Windows. For help with commandline keys – SetVPN.exe /help_en
Typical example of the use of SetVPN.exe:
setvpn /name="test1" /add /servername="" /username="aaa" /password="bbb" /disableip6 /onlyip /mschap2 /chap /reconnect
setvpn /name="test2" /add /force /servername="" /username="aaa" /password="bbb" /disableip6 /onlyip /mschap2 /reconnect /vs_L2tpOnly /UsePSK="psk" /CredsForAll
setvpn /name="test1" /delete

History of development program:
v.1.3 (2022.03.07) Fixed some bugs (store user/pwd), improved support Win8/10/11 (RASEO2_CacheCredentials by default).
v.1.2 (2022.03.01) Fixed some bugs, the program now works in modern versions of Windows (supported WinXp/WinVista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11(21H2)).
v.1.1 (2016.02.18) Minor fix.
v.1.0 (2010) First public version.

Download “CMD_SetVPN_v13.rar” – 10.93 KBVersion 1.3, 2022-03-07

IsIdle.exe (2016.02.18)

ISIDLE program used to determine the level of CPU utilization. Such check can be necessary in automatically carried out BAT/CMD-scripts, for example to not run out some noncritical scripts at strong loading. ISIDLE returns in variable ERRORLEVEL CPU load. Optional key /T:nnnn specifies the duration of metering in milliseconds, by default, the duration of 1000 milliseconds. Example of use:

ECHO CPU is free >c:\ISIDLE_test.txt

Download “CMD_IsIdle.rar” – 3.75 KBVersion 1.1, 2016-02-18 17:37