HDD Speed Test – simple utility for test speed HDD, LAN, USB

A simple program to test the real speed of reading and writing to the HDD, USB flash drives, network drives, and other file-based devices at the level of user programs. Unlike similar programs – can test the speed of processing of incompressible data.

Screenshot HDD_Speed_test

History of development program:
v.1.7 (2016.02.18) minor improvements GUI;
v.1.6 (2012.12.23) minor improvements GUI;
v.1.5 (2011.01.04) minor improvements, the ability to record data to exclude compression when testing;
v.1.0 (2005.01.28) first public version

Download “HDD_Speed_test_v17.rar” – 8.98 KBVersion 1.7, 2016-02-18 22:44