HotCPU – CPU load and display the frequency of each core

A simple utility for 100% CPU utilization, including multicore and multiprocessor systems.
Was designed to test the efficiency of the coolers, test the auto-fan speed control (AMD Cool’n’Quiet, Intel SpeedStep), increasing the frequency AMD Turbo Core or Intel Turbo Boost, etc.
Loaded threads have priority Idle – because her work does not blocking the system.

Screenshot HotCPU

History of development program:
v.2.2 (2016.02.18) minor improvements;
v.2.1 (2012.12.24) minor improvements GUI;
v.2.0 (2008.11.08) first public version

Download “HotCPU_v22.rar” – 6.08 KBVersion 2.2, 2016-02-18 20:38