Miranda Hardware HotKeys – plugin for Miranda NG for the appointment of action for multimedia keys.

Miranda Hardware HotKeys

Plug-in for Miranda NG, allowing to assign a hotkey combination with enhanced multimedia keyboard keys (such as Messenger, MyDocs , etc.).

Screenshot HwHotKey

More information about the support extended buttons – ViewKeyCode.

History of development program:
v. (2015.04.01) transfer to Miranda-NG (old Miranda IM is not supported).
v. (2012.02.27) minor bugfix
v. (2012.02.15) fixed bug with closing Miranda while working virtual keyboards (remote desktops or VNC, password managers, etc.)
v. (2010.11.16) now treated with the button will not be transferred for further processing in the system
v. (2010.11.05) first public version