LogoRleUtil – viewer and converter logo.rle, initlogo.rle

This viewer and converter logo.rle files (initlogo.rle), which are used in the initial splash screen in Android. Splash screen in RLE format are found mostly in Sony/LG/Samsung phones on the Qualcomm platform, other platforms have their own splash screen formats (see forum 4pda.ru).
On Android, found at least 3 RLE formats – with a 2-byte length blocks and blocks RGB565 or BGR565, and a 4-byte length blocks and 32-bit blocks RGB888.
LogoRleUtil supports both formats. Since the RLE format does not contain headers and the height and width of the image is not known in the file, when reading RLE its height and width are determined automatically by selecting the X*Y value from the known standard screen sizes.
In addition to viewing RLE files, the program allows RLE to convert to PNG or BMP for editing in graphic editors, and back to PNG/JPG/BMP/TIF/GIF convert to RLE for flashing to phone. Resize or crop for the required size is not implemented, when converting to RLE – make sure that the height and width in pixels correspond to your phone at the original PNG/BMP file.
No installation is required, LogoRleUtil.exe can be assigned to open *.rle-files.

Screenshot LogoRleUtil

History of development program:
v. (2018.12.18) Added a width-height swap button, many new screen sizes added;
v. (2018.06.09) Add 1088*1920 (used in LG G3);
v. (2017.05.27) Minor optimizatins.
v. (2016.04.17) Add BGR/RGB select.
v. (2016.04.08) First public version.

Download “LogoRleUtil_v130.rar” – 48.43 KBVersion, 2018-12-18 02:23

Instructions for changing the splash screen Android.

Warning, modification of boot is dangerous, with any random errors or incompatibilities the phone can be damaged and it will not be possible to restore it.
You use this manual at your own risk. If you do not agree with this – you should not use this manual.

The initial splash file is usually found inside the boot.img
Unpacking boot.img using AndImgTool – via command line or drag and drop the boot.img to AndImgTool.exe
AndImgTool will make the folder boot_ where it will unpack all the contents of boot.img (and there will also create configuration files for reverse packaging).

Changing Android startscreen via LogoRleUtil, Figure 1

Find the .rle-file, look it with LogoRleUtil.

Changing Android startscreen via LogoRleUtil, Figure 2

You need to remember its width and height, as well as its format – it can be 2+2 RGB565 or 2+2 BGR565 or 4+4 RGB888.
In theory, there may be some other combinations – for example 2+4 RGB888, but I have not met them yet and they have not implemented their support.
Remember this data because the RLE-files of the logo have no header, and if we do not make a file of the same resolution and format, then the phone can not display it correctly.
The LogoRleUtil itself detects the format indirectly by checking all possible algorithms and comparing the resolution obtained with the standard screen resolution table.

In the graphical editor, we make a PNG file with the same resolution.

Open it in LogoRleUtil and save it in .RLE format, choosing the same type as the original.

Changing Android startscreen via LogoRleUtil, Figure 3

Overwrite the created .rle in the folder boot_

Pack boot.img with AndImgTool – via the command line or by mouse drag and drop the boot_ folder to AndImgTool.exe
AndImgTool will make the file new_boot.img

Changing Android startscreen via LogoRleUtil, Figure 4

Now, this new_boot.img can be flashed in the usual way (usually via the fastboot mode) – there will be a new start-up image.