MobileSyncTime – accurate setting clock in mobile phones

This program is designed for accurate setting clock in simple mobile phones (which are not able to synchronize the clock with the network or via NTP). MobileSyncTime works with almost any mobile phones that connect to the computer creates a virtual COM-port.

Clock on the phone checked and setting with a standard AT-command – AT+CCLK.
On the command AT + CCLK? phone return its time. There really is little subtlety – phones from different manufacturers respond in different ways: some responsible local time and time zone, only UTC-time, local time without time zone. MobileSyncTime compares the time came from the phone to the local and UTC, and according to which it is closer – concludes its format.
Command AT+CCLK=”YY/MM/DD,HH:MM:SS±TZ” phone sets a specified time and time zone (TZ). Here too there is subtlety – many phones ignore time zone, but without him the team is not accepted. And some – only accept commands without time zone. If you have when you try to set the time on the phone error – may need to use ‘Phone does not support setting the time zone’.

Screenshot MobileSyncTime

History of development program:
v. (2016.02.18) Minor changes.
v. (2015.01.03) Add rename device in registry. Add support more models.
v. (2012.12.23) Add support Fly/MTK (without TZ in command).
v. (2012.12.23) First public version.

Download “MobileSyncTime_v20160218.rar” – 8.90 KBVersion, 2016-02-18 21:11