UPS Lite Manager – control utility for UPS

Program to manage UPS for Megatec protocol (it is used by many UPS Ippon, Mustek, Sven, etc.), key features and differences from the similar software:
– does not require installation, does not require any drivers, libraries, and other optional components;
– Unplugging the USB cable from the UPS – processed;
– email notification (built-in SMTP-client) and run the file (for scripts or shutdown);
– terminal console for the USB interface for manual control of the UPS (unique to this there!) – you can manually various engineering commands to enter.

This is a beta version – its stability is not guaranteed!

Sceenshot - Main screen UPS Lite ManagerScreenshot - Alert settings in UPS Lite ManagerScreenshot - Terminal console for the UPS-commands in UPS Lite Manager
Requirements for computer and UPS

System Requirements – all WindowsXP-SP3 … Windows10, 32/64bit.
UPS Connection via USB, is supposed to work with the following UPS PNP codes (hardware ID):
In addition, in the settings, you can manually set any VID/PID codes.
As for support for UPS systems – email, if there is no special difference – can be added…
This version was tested only on Ippon Smart Winner (old model without LCD), on all other models is not yet able to work – will be corrected as needed.
The program works with any of the UPS which is defined as the standard USB-HID device and responds to the command Q1 or Q4.
Detailed descriptions of the commands Ippon/Megatec/Voltronic/Powercom can be found at Network UPS Tools.

History of development UPS LM

v. (2018.11.11) Added support for some UPSs that did not work before due to the BL?-command, added filtering of false low voltages in the statistics, added a debug log.
v. (2018.03.28) Minor bufgix, add function of test email sending in the settings.
v. (2017.09.30) Support SrvAny.exe
v. (2017.06.11) Bugfix with antivirus software
v. (2017.06.06) Fixed a bug when sending an email, fixed a bug when entering long UPS-commands, added the ability to UPS shutdown by alerts.
v. (2017.04.28) Minor bugfix
v. (2016.12.18) Minor bugfix, correction of error messages, migration to new version OpenSSL v1.1 (for email-client)
v. (2016.08.03) Minor bugfix
v. (2016.04.03) First public version

Download “UPS_LM_v124.rar” – 47 KBVersion 1.2.4, 2018-11-11 23:18