ZLib GUI — GUI for ZLib

Simple GUI for unpacking and packing of files into ZLib format.

Screenshot ZLib_GUI v.2

The ZLib is downloaded separately. All standard zlib builds are supported – WINAPI/STDCALL, CDECL, with various optimizations, etc. The latest version of ZLib 1.2.11 – I recommend taking it from the ZLib-NG project. So far, ZLib_GUI works only with the standard version of zlib1.dll, but in the next versions it is planned to work directly with zlib-ng2.dll

History of development program:
v.2.0.0 (2021.05.24) All rewritten in MSVC-2019, optimized work with maximum memory sizes, added support for various DLL build parameters, added 64-bit build;
v.1.0 (2016.03.21) first public version

Download “ZLib_GUI_v200.rar” – 138.34 KBVersion 2.0.0, 2021-05-24

Download “ZLib_GUI_v10.rar” – 9.68 KBVersion 1.0, 2016-03-21 13:12