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HDD Identify Drive v.2.1 (2016.03.20)

This program reads from the HDD identification unit (IDENTIFY DEVICE - command 0xECh) and displays all the technical information about this HDD from IDENTIFY DEVICE (by documentation Technical Committee T13):

Unlike most test utilities that show information about the HDD - it shows absolutely all the information (including not interpreted) and the user is given the opportunity of independent analysis.
Works in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/2012/10, installation is not required, to read the drive's passport you need administrator rights.
The program does not change any settings and data HDD - only shows.
The disk ID section (IDENTIFY DEVICE sector) can be saved to a file (for history or for independent analysis in HEX-editors) or read from a previously saved file. The same HDD / SSD passports can be saved in Victoria - its PASSPORT save BIN function works with the same files - only the file extensions are different (for HDD Identify Drive - *.#EC files, for Victoria - Passp_*.bin files). HDD Identify Drive can read Passp-files from Victoria.

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List documents used for the analysis of IDENTIFY DEVICE:
AT Attachment with Packet Interface - 5 (ATA/ATAPI-5), T13/1321-D Revision 3, 29 February 2000
Working Draft ATA/ATAPI Command Set - 2 (ACS-2), T13/2015-D Revision 2, 3 August 2009
Working Draft ATA/ATAPI Command Set - 3 (ACS-3), T13/2161-D Revision 5, 28 October 2013
Working Draft ATA Command Set - 4 (ACS-4), T13/BSR INCITS 529 Revision 11, 19 January 2016

History of development program:
v. (2016.03.20)Added simple output information, search for a name in Yandex/Google, fix minor bugs.
v. (2016.02.19)Radically all rewritten, the documentation uses the latest in 2016.
v. (2003)First public version.