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If you have any questions or suggestions for further development of the presented programs - you can write to the author.

Firmwares for Sony M2 - Unofficial builds LineageOS.
Copy FileName - Shell Extension - You can copy the path and file name in Explorer context menu.
AMcfg - editor for AstroMeta TV/FM tuner software.
LogoRleUtil - viewer and converter logo.rle, initlogo.rle (initial splash screen in Android).
MobileSyncTime - clock synchronization in mobile phones.
SGH_RemoteKeypad - keyboard emulation for phones Samsung.
UPS Lite Manager - Software for UPS Ippon Smart Winner and similar, lets you enter any commands via USB.
TrayBatt - Laptop battery monitor software.
HDD Identify Drive - show of technical information on the HDD (IDENTIFY DEVICE).
HDD USB LAN Speed Test - simple speed test (any - LAN, flash drives, HDD).
ViewKeyCode - utility for checking the keyboard and analysis of a variety of additional multimedia buttons.
Miranda Hardware HotKeys - plugin for Miranda IM for the appointment of action for multimedia keys.
HotCPU - simple CPU use and display the frequency of each core to verify that the cooler, energy-saving, TurboBoost
RamDumpCmp - This program is designed to find differences in the groups of binary files.
ZLib GUI - GUI for ZLib.
CMD util - Beep.exe, Sleep.exe, MonOff.exe, SetVPN.exe, IsLock.exe, IsIdle.exe - Simple tools for use in the CMD-scripts.
SearchReplaceBin - simple tools for searching and replacing from CMD-scripts.
Empty.exe - the program that does nothing.

Part of the programs is only available in Russian-language version of the site. On the English-language version of the site, not all.